Here Is Somewhere Else is an immersive maze-like architectural installation made of discarded architectural elements, found construction material, and repurposed paintings. Construction of the installation communicates sense of immediacy and uses curiosity and play as driving emotions to navigate the space. The forth has one entrance, the tunnel that leads towards further hints that eventually takes you to the main room. This ritualistic path, besides making a participant hyperaware of ones own body, creates detachment from the world that has been left in order to enter. As play shifts into sense of displacement, the room becomes a contemplative space that is both a play house and confinement where interactive objects provide different vistas in a constrained space. Once at the end of the room viewer sees a looping video of the outside space, undefined landscape, that becomes a new object of longing. 

Here is Somewhere Else, 1919 Green Rd, Ann Arbor, MI, USA