Wassaic Artist Residency, Wassaic, NY / June - July 2015

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Welcome to Wassaic! Joshua Nierodzinski and I  had a great opportunity to stay at Wassaic Artist Residency for two months during this summer. Huge thank you to all the amazing people who made this experience so constructive, nurturing and fun! These photos capture only the fragments of our stay and hopefully it will provide some inspiration for the new applicants. (apply, apply!)


The road from Wassaic continues towards Deep Hollow Road, a beautiful trail that passes by these old kilns.

Luther Barn Studios. A bunch of talented people working in this great architecture. Josh and I shared a studio and made time to focus on individual work as well as collaborative projects. 

The amazing Olde Forge Farm behind the studio building where you can sign up to have fresh produce delivered the same day! 

Some photos from Open Studios on the last Saturday in June. 

With help from print master, Colleen Donohue, Josh and I were able to participate in the 2015 Wassaic Print Exchange. Below, you can see fellow resident, Helí Garcia, also seeking guidance from the silkscreen sensei.

It is truly beautiful how the town of Wassaic and the Wassaic residency are woven together, and growing stronger every minute! Here are some shots from around town including the fresh paint job on Mitch Miller and Meredith Drum's trailer courtesy of Wassaic Project co-founder, Eve Biddle, and some volunteer hands.

Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency / May 2015


During the month of May I had the great privilege to spend one month in a beautiful community of artist and writers at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. The images and text that follow show part of the environment, studio process and community. I want to go back!

VCS is a large architectural complex consisting of several buildings that facilitate individual studios for writers, painters, printmakers, sculptors and photographers. It was great to have this amazingly lit place after spending so much time working in an industrial building. 

At the end of the month, about 30 artists opened their studios to share their work and process. These photos show only a section of the overall great work. In addition to Open Studios artist and writers introduced their work through public presentations that showed a spectrum of exciting thinkers and practitioners.  

Digging through antiques with Julia and Nick. It's always great to wander through objects. 

International outreach. Serbia is officially on the list.

Thank you VSC community and friends on such a great experience! ~~~

Lebbeus Woods, Architect / Drawing Center / New York / 2014

“Architecture and war are not incompatible.
Architecture is war.
War is architecture.

I am at war with my time, with history,
with all authority that resides in fixed and frightened forms.

I am one of millions who do not fit in,
who have no home, no family,
no doctrine, nor firm place to call my own,
no known beginning or end,
no ‘sacred and primoridal site’.

I declare war on all icons and finalities,
on all histories that would chain me with my own falseness,
my own pitiful fears.

I know only moments, and lifetimes that are as moments,
and forms that appear with infinite strength, then ‘melt into air’.

I am an architect, a constructor of worlds,
a sensualist who worships the flesh, the melody, a silhouette against the darkening sky.
I cannot know your name. Nor can you know mine.

Tomorrow, we begin together the construction of a city.”

                                                                Lebbeus Woods

Drawing Center Website

Lebbeus Woods Official Website

Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963-2010 / MOMA / New York / 2014

Sigmar Polke (German, 1941-2010) was one of the most voraciously experimental artists of the 20th century. This retrospective is the first to encompass the unusually broad range of mediums he worked with during his five decade career, including painting, photography, film, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, television, performance, and stained glass, as well as constant, highly innovative blurring of the boundaries between these mediums. Masquerading as many different artists - making cunning figurative paintings at one moment and abstract photographs the next - he always eluded easy categorization. 

Beneath Polke's irreverent wit, promiscuous intelligence, and chance operations lay a deep skepticism of all authority - artistic, familial, religious, and governmental. It would be impossible to understand this attitude, and the creativity that grew out of it, without considering Polke's biography and its setting in 20th century European history: in 1945, near the end of WWII, his family fled Silesia (in present-day Poland) for what would soon be Soviet-occupied East Germany, and then escaped again, this time to West Germany, in 1953. Polke grew up at a time when many Germans deflected blame for the atrocities of the Nazi period with the alibi "I didn't see anything".

Polke scrutinized the malleability of vision. Highly attuned to the differences between appearance and reality, he was wary of the notion that there might be one universal truth. His relentlessly inventive works, ranging in size from the intimacy of a notebook to monumental paintings, collapse conventional distinctions - between high culture and low, figuration and abstraction, the heroic and the banal - allowing flux, rather than stability to prevail.


MOMA Website

Jerry Saltz about the exhibition

Crossing Paths / Riverside Arts Center / Ypsilanti, MI / April, 2014

"Ypsilanti Art Incubator presents Crossing Paths, an exhibition of University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University MFA candidates. Show runs April 4th through the 26th. 

Featuring the work of Mary Ayling , Wade Buck, Bridget Burke, Jordan Ewert, Dave Gazdowicz, Crystal Hartman, Cathy Jacobs, Trevor King, Clara McClenon, Joan Newberry, Josh Nierodzinski, Natasa Prljevic, and Rezvan Rasouli."

Hosted and curated by Jessica Tenbusch and Juliet Hinely.

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