Martin Kippenberger / Sehr gut / Hamburger Bahnhof / Berlin / 2013


"In 2013 Martin Kippenberger would have celebrated his 60th birthday - that is, had he not died in 1997 due to excessive life. The Riekhallen currently exhibit an artist whose work and life cannot be separated from one another - a painter, an actor, a writer, a musician, a dancer, a drunkard, a traveller, a networker and self-producer - in short, an "exhibitionist" as he called himself and an artist who today is considered one of the most significant of his generation. The permeation of personality and oeuvre, as well as the incredible variety of his artistic production, is presented in its entire spectrum. Martin Kippenberger: Sehr gut / Very Good however does not intend to be a retrospective, but rather an approximation of both the private and public persona of the artist Martin Kippenberger."