Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency / May 2015

During the month of May I had the great privilege to spend one month in a beautiful community of artist and writers at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. The images and text that follow show part of the environment, studio process and community. I want to go back!

VCS is a large architectural complex consisting of several buildings that facilitate individual studios for writers, painters, printmakers, sculptors and photographers. It was great to have this amazingly lit place after spending so much time working in an industrial building. 

At the end of the month, about 30 artists opened their studios to share their work and process. These photos show only a section of the overall great work. In addition to Open Studios artist and writers introduced their work through public presentations that showed a spectrum of exciting thinkers and practitioners.  

Digging through antiques with Julia and Nick. It's always great to wander through objects. 

International outreach. Serbia is officially on the list.

Thank you VSC community and friends on such a great experience! ~~~