The House on Four Waters

The Russell Industrial Center, Detroit 2015

Four our house is our corner of the world.
The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard

House on Four Waters is a multimedia installation based on a personal narrative that addresses the mechanisms of real and imagined sites of memory of two sisters. The House on Four Waters embodies the notion of static dis­placement, which it activates through direct visual, auditory, and physical encounter. As a counter to a nostalgic idealization of the past, its narrative uses collage and disjunction to create an alternative understanding of present.

Referring to Cells (Eyes and Mirrors) by Louise Bourgeois as an example of an in­stallation formed around bodily centered metaphor, The House on Four Waters exists as a contemplation on retroactivity and presence in a constrained space of disparate media. My personal experience of national fragmentation, accompanied by a sense of belonging to an increasingly globalized world, led me to ex­plore the relationship between imagination and the politics. The research for this project is based on the relationship between memory and ma­teriality using the metaphor of static displacement. Static displacement is the condition of being displaced without moving. It can be described as a mentally inscribed state of stillness on a fluid basis. As a nuanced physical and psychological space, static displacement is an integral human ability to absorb and look inward, to collapse into oneself and come together. The only access point is a hole in the wall.  The index of a body suggests the wound, a point of entry or escape.