Three international artists, residents in D’Clinic StudiosElena Feijoo (US), Jesus Portal (ES) and Natasa Prljevic (RS) recognized the courtyard as a potent place to work with and reflect on. Its micro narratives are transformed through multimedia interventions in this site specific installation, called TRES/PASSING.

Three artists working in painting, sculpture, video and sound are addressing, transforming and amplifying social and physical dynamics of the courtyard. The multi-layered experience develops and questions viewer's senses and perception of the space. This immersive installation is imagined as narrative container that starts unfolding through physical interaction with the courtyard. The walk through the piece continuously reveals pre existing forms and found objects combined with recordings and images from the surroundings.

The human factor was the main inspiration and stimulator for this process. The voices, clothes, and reminiscences of existence left at the courtyard are embodied in our installation, as a score of their and our experience of the shared space.